The Wonder of our Natural World

What is so special about the natural world?

First of all, nature has been here on mother earth since the beginning of time, much longer than mankind. There are so many aspects to it, the plant and animal kingdom, let alone the wonder of the sea with many creatures that have never see the light of day. We don’t always think of ourselves as part of the natural world but we are, we are electromagnetic beings.

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes us feel so good, whether it be walking through the woods, through a field of golden corn or just sitting by the sea? It’s the powerful energy of all these wonderful things. Trees, plants, woodland creatures and birds all have their own energy field and they are so tuned in to energy that they can even feel ours as we walk amongst them. We sense their energy but we are just not consciously aware of it and focused on how to harness it.

I believe that we have much to learn from the natural environment which is all around us. Some of the plants and hedgerows offer us the answer to many medical problems, which we ignore and instead run to the doctor to receive an artificial drug. Once on this regime the side effects usually manifest, which in turn begins another problem and so the vicious cycle begins.

Many of our problems stem from emotions which are blocked in our bodies causing illness.  To alleviate some of these problems or to prevent them from becoming a problem, we can take action by getting out in nature  To sit in a field or by water, walk in the countryside  and listen to the sounds of nature, all helps to relieve stress and worries which are such  a huge barrier to wellness, especially in this day and age.

Making the first steps to engage with the natural world

When out in nature remember to spend time quietly without mobile phones and music plugged into your ears. Sitting next to a tree or by the sea in quiet solitude for just a few moments will help. If you are able to meditate then all the better. Also if you can or want to be more connected with the earth, take your shoes and socks off and stand on the grass for 10 minutes, alternatively lie down on the grass.

I am extremely passionate about our connection with nature, which I am afraid has been disconnected and will continue to be so with all the electronic devices we are now addicted to. If we don’t understand the importance of working with nature and take action then I believe that this will be detrimental to our well being. In the picture at the top of the page is a tree which is very personal to me, when I stand with my back against it, the energy is incredible.

Maybe you can find your special tree and make the connection- see what it feels like and if you have any experiences you wish to share then please let me know!

Looking at nature from a child development perspective

 Do we consider the natural world and how this is fundamental for a young child‘s understanding of a basic need which we take for granted? We are well aware of the impact of children’s learning whilst exploring outdoors, especially during forest school sessions. Why does the autistic child change their personality displaying  more calm and engaging tendencies when in the natural environment? However, this is limited to certain times of the week and in some cases less than once a week. We need to question, what is it about the natural environment that children find so pleasurable and why does it affect some children so much that their characteristics change once outside in nature? Surely if it is so beneficial, then we must do our best to harness this and include elements of nature in the inside environment.

If the natural world has such an impact on children’s learning and enjoyment then we must think of different ways in which to bring the outdoors inside for children to explore and observe. The natural world is not something that is only experienced when outside, it needs to be an integral part of children’s lives. This is particularly important at this time, as technology is taking over the main focus of our children’s worlds.

An interesting video about being grounded in the natural world.

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable science of Grounding