Starchild Healing

I forged a deep bond with my guide Maha Chohan whilst carrying out energy activations in various locations in the U.K. and I soon realised that he was with me during my therapy sessions. He showed me a way to link with him so that I direct his energies through me to the client. I am able to achieve this remotely as well as physically, as a stand alone treatment or incorporated in a full treatment combining Integrated Energy Therapy® (Healing with the Energy of the Angels) and Reiki.

Whilst channeling information from Maha Chohan he gave me the name ‘Starchild Healing’ to describe this way of directing his energy and when I use this during my treatments it creates a more powerful and effective ┬áresult.

Like all energy therapies ‘Starchild Healing’ assists the clients body to heal itself by clearing energy blockages which create illness or dis-ease. I am truly blessed to have such a connection with Maha Chohan and I am excited to be able to offer you this experience.

Please read about the ascended master Maha Chohan to discover what a powerful being he is.