Ascended Master – Maha Chohan

(Image by Divine Light Images)

I first became aware of the ascended master Maha Chohan (also known as ‘The Lord of Civilisation’) during a visit to Spain in a monastery high in the mountains just outside the city of Gerona.

During my exploration of the tiny chapel inside the monastery, when I was walking down the stone flagged aisle, I felt suddenly rooted to the spot as a massive surge of energy flooded through me.

At that moment I realised that something special had happened.

For the next three years I experienced powerful energy surges at significant locations both in the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world.

Throughout this time I discovered that Maha Chohan was directing powerful energies through me.

Maha Chohan works closely with me during my healing treatments, fusing his energy with my Angelic and spiritual gifts which create a unique healing experience.

The monastery near Gerona

Who is Maha Chohan and what is his spiritual role?

The Maha Chohan is the head of the seven rays of the Great White Brotherhood also known as the Brotherhood of Light. He is responsible for the white light of the seven rays and integrates them through the eighth ray. He is the head of the elemental kingdom and is the authority over the manifestations in nature. He is the representative of the Holy spirit and is present when each new born child takes their first breath and when each person takes their last. He is known as the ‘keeper of the flame’.

Maha Chohan’s spiritual retreat is in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, an island in the Indian Ocean. When in carnation he was the blind poet Homer, famous for his epic ‘the Odyssey’. His virtue is comfort, which he gives to all mankind and life on earth. His symbol is a white dove and his banner is purple. His fragrance is cinnamon and his twin flame is Pallas Athena.

It is reported that he is ‘uncompromising and stern’ but I can honestly say that this is not how he appears to me, his energy has an overwhelming feeling of warmth, love and kindness.